Welcome to Kivun.

Services offered at the Kivun Center encompass a wide variety of fields pertaining to the world of employment.

Guidance and Counseling

A personal meeting with the applicant to formulate a vocational-personal objective, which may include usage of various employment-promoting tools. During the process, the applicant receives assistance in preparing a resume and guidance to acquiring a profession.


Learning and obtaining background information on the job market and its conditions, as well as useful tools for successful integration into it in a correct and professional manner. The workshops are delivered in groups and include lectures, exercises, simulations and various experiments. Topics include: finding jobs, job market orientation, resume writing, preparation for a job interview etc.

Basic Training

Completing basic education through subsidized courses which offer the applicant the information, tools and skills necessary for the employment world. Main topics include: computers, basic English, Hebrew, math and study skills.


Professional assistance for students studying in institutions of higher education and professional training who are struggling with difficulties related to the areas of study. These students can receive tutoring, with the coordination of the academic institutions and based opon their educational needs.

Vocational Assessment

As a first step, the applicant undergoes a computerized assessment. Next, a meeting with a career counselor is conducted, based on the assessment results, at the end of which the applicant receives proper guidance to finding a job, appropriate studies, etc.


There is a possibility of receiving vouchers for professional studies and professional courses for up to one year, while supply lasts. Study options include a variety of fields necessary in the market and which exhibit employment potential.


The Center's Employer Relations Department is constantly on the lookout for available jobs in the Jerusalem area. Jobs are offered to suitable candidates, and placement consultants guide the applicant from the initial stage of sending the resume, through subsequent job interviews, and until his successful absorption in the workplace.

The Kivun Center has been established especially for you, in conjunction with the Ministry of Economy and the Jerusalem Municipality. The goal: employment guidance for the Haredi sector. The means: offering direction, personal guidance and professional counseling on the way to finding an appropriate and well-paying job, in line with the needs and lifestyle of the Haredi residents of Jerusalem.

The Center works together with a number of professional entities in the field of employment, who offer of their professional experience so that you, along with all other applicants to the Kivun Center, will gain useful and practical benefit.

The KEMACH Fund offers a comprehensive solution in the field of professional studies, as well as proper guidance for professional and academic training applicants. KEMACH also assists with and coordinates funds and scholarships to finance these studies.

Manpower Bereshit specializes in the placement of Haredi workers. The company leads in advanced employment solutions by connecting Haredi job seekers with the general business sector.

Pilat by Hi Capital offers assessment services for career guidance, tailored to the Haredi sector. This is performed through the collection and classification of data using computer tests, a professional-psychological vocational interview as well as guidance tests with professional counselors.

We at Kivun invite you to enjoy the variety of services offered at the Center, opening the best career possibilities before you.